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About First Option

First Option was built on the ideals of seasoned mortgage professionals, who wanted to provide a unique experience to their clients.

The mission: treat customers with respect and understanding, separate fact from fiction so the borrower can make informed decisions, and stay on the cutting edge of technology to keep ahead of the financial trends and practices. Above all, we ensure the borrower walks away with confidence in their mortgage decisions.

Thanks to our customers, we’ve grown from one branch in Atlanta, GA to branches across the US.

Wtihout our strong customer support and confidence in our work, we wouldn’t be here today. Our dedicated customer service team is constantly monitoring our client feedback, always striving to improve our business practices to the borrowers’ benefit.

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Jarad Vinup, Area President NMLS #210527
First Option Mortgage
8888 Keystone Crossing, Suite #900, Indianapolis, IN  46240
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